The SJT company is an engineering office established in 2005. The holistic approach of supporting companies involves the solution of tough detailed tasks as well as the management of large-scaled projects.

In cooperation with of a global area network of experts and partners SJT is able to realize complex projects with interdisciplinary requirements.

The human
The owner and motor, Stephan Jupp Thönnessen, came into the picture in 1960 for the first time, belonging to a family that was already taken an active part in engineering at the beginning of the 20th century and ensures succession in the young generation. Stephan Thönnessen has one daughter.

After a completed training as an engine fitter, a career in hydraulics and a postsecondary education Stephan Thönnessen graduated with honor in the field of mechanical engineering- design 1984 in Aachen.

The first steps in the working area starts with design, development, research and commissioning followed by projecting, sales and product marketing.

The first third of his working life is filled with high-speed textile machines, current serial paper production plants, process engineering for power and chemical plants. The food sector with specialization in terms of sterilization, bottling and packaging of liquid food like milk, juice, wine, water and finished products both with and without chunky pieces defined the second third. The branch spectrum is completed by high-speed packaging of chocolate products, chewing gum and biscuits– mainly fully wrapped in high quality.

The future part is going to be exciting! The need of high flexibility caused by fast global changes is basically for a long-term success.

The market
Right from the beginning export orientated companies have been professional home. Therefore a good performance of the English language is a must. Besides, empathy concerning cultural, ethical and religious requirements of business partners and colleagues has been of the same importance.

The business process
In terms of conceptional planning and acquisition, technical and commercial advice as well as contracting, completion negotiations, commissioning and long-term customer support Stephan Thönnessen bears responsibility and hence fundamental knowledge of the whole process chain. Due to these comprehensive experiences Stephan Thönnessen was used as a trainer.

The techniques
Whether you are dealing with fast textile machines, major paper manufacturing facilities or subcomponents, Stephan Thönnessen is blessed with a sure instinct for finding the critical areas and is often engaged for emergent actions.

The How
If it is required by the task, genuine teamwork is the most successful form of organization in the local cultural area. In the position of a moderator Stephan Thönnessen is able to assemble the most suitable project participants and to accompany them along the path to success- during complex projects in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment and if it is unavoidable in separation. The priority is set on both human orientation and problem solving.

Endurance runs and gospels create a balance to the brainwork. As a co- initiator and press spokesman of a local refugee group cooperation with press, policy, administration and ministries had ever been necessary, helpful and expedient.
Stephan J. Thönnessen
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