In the future everything is running more smoothly and much better

In the global/ local competition at the expensive location Central Europe the main priority is valid:
Minimizing unit costs!

We are calculating the true costs of your location. Almost always the weaknesses are known- and if not, we will find them.

Together we discuss the potentials:

  • effectiveness, efficiency and reject rates
  • employment of staff vs. degree of automation: Is more staff able to save costs? Is a paradigm shift worth? The optimized path is a narrow one.
  • Save resources: water, sewage, climate, electricity, chemicals, steam

Subsequently our work is starting. After the suggestions for improvement, the implementation takes place. SJT accompanies the process until the costs are reduced demonstrably.

If you can choose, decide for the needs of the people - not the money."

Josef Ring, priest in pension; Neuss-Holzheim
Willkommen bei SJT
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